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Soft Skills Needs Assessment

  1. Hard skills or technical skills can be defined as teachable and tangible skills to get and keep a job in the labor market. Simply saying, if you know how to do your job in your profession it means you have valuable hard skills. Examples of hard skills include: ability to use software programs, measuring and calculating, analyzing data, operating specific tools and being certified in a professional field.

    In contrast, soft skills are intangible skills. Soft skills are a person’s communication and problem solving skills, their attitudes and behaviors, adaptability, ability to work with others, creative thinking, leadership, negotiation skills etc.

    This survey has been designed to assess how soft skills are being met by employees in the Green County business community. Please rank on a scale of 1 to 10 the importance of each of the following to you and your business or organization, ten being very important, one being not as important.

  2. Is there room for improvement? Please outline what issues are most important to you as an employer when you consider hiring an employee and if these skills aren’t being met by your employees, please elaborate on your issues.

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