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Business Spotlight Questionnaire

  1. This information will be used to complete a Business Spotlight for the Greensburg - Green County Chamber of Commerce. Any information submitted may be used to promote your business in Green County and the surrounding area and is subject to publication in the Greensburg Record Herald, any local radio news outlets and online via the Chamber's website and eNewsletter. You will be emailed a copy of the write up that will be used for promotion of your business prior to publication.

  2. Enter as much detail as possible about what your business does, the services it provides, any history or interesting facts that may be important or unique to your business.

  3. Please upload any files that can be used to help promote your business. i.e. photos, logo files, ads for specials, et cetera.

  4. Any specials, discounts, et cetera that you would be willing to offer other Chamber businesses and their employees just for being Chamber members and supporting the local community and economy?

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