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Posted on: August 4, 2015

Property Maintenance, the Nuisance Code and You

We all know there is that person – be it your neighbor, the person at the end of the street or maybe even ourselves –that continues to allow their yard to become overgrown, rubbish to pile up on their property or continues to add to their immobile vehicle collection. Did you know that existing Code Enforcement ordinances are in place to help combat these unsightly collections within the city limits? You can find the city’s codification of ordinances online at and see for yourself. The City’s Nuisance and Property Maintenance Code addresses several areas and is there to help mitigate these issues.

A few of the areas that we have had questions about at City Hall over the last few months have generally fallen into one of three areas – over grown yards, structures in disrepair and the disposal of storm damage debris.

The excessive growth of weeds, grass, or other vegetation, except for flowers or other ornamental vegetation, means a height of ten (10) inches or more. It also means keeping yards free of garbage, junked appliances and other materials including junked cars and trucks. You may ask what is the definition of a junked car or truck. The answer is simple, any vehicle that is found to be in one or more of the following conditions:

(1) Wrecked;
(2) Dismantled;
(3) Partially dismantled;
(4) Inoperative;
(5) Abandoned;
(6) Discarded;

The same definition also applies to junked appliances and other rubbish.

When it comes to mowing and maintaining our lawns, the issue of blowing yard waste into the public streets always seems to come up. It is a violation of the Nuisance and Property Maintenance code to dispose of yard waste in the public rights-of-way. Accumulation of yard waste on City streets causes several issues including clogging up City storm drains and other drain tiles, which can help to contribute to possible flooding issues during excessive rain events. Also, blowing grass and other debris into the road way can be a liability to the property owner as well by causing damage to passing or parked vehicles.

As for the issue of structures that are found to be a nuisance under the City’s Code, there are several areas of concern that are specifically outlined in sections 91.17 – 91.99 of the City Code of Ordinances, along with the provisions of the International Property Maintenance Code adopted within. The Code addresses issues of habitability, electrical, water, wastewater, heating and cooling standards as well as other general areas of maintenance. Typically, a person found to be in violation would be given a warning and a period of time to correct the problem. If the issue is not corrected or it has been determined to be a severe violation, the Code Enforcement Officer can issue a fine and order the property cleaned up at the owners expense and/or a lien placed on the property.

If you have a concern regarding a property within the City limits of Greensburg, you should contact Greensburg City Hall and give a description of the problem and the address of the property and a Code Enforcement Officer will investigate. You can do that by either calling (270) 932-4298 or contacting us through the City’s web page at

Finally - the issue of what to do with “Storm Damage Debris” - during sever storm events the City Public Works Department will open up a window of time for residents to clean their yards of fallen debris and place it beside the roadway for pick up and disposal. During these times the City of Greensburg provides this service free of charge but only for debris caused by the storm event. Otherwise, the City will pick up brush and other yard waste on a fee basis. However, we have several yard services in the community that may provide this service at a much cheaper rate and we would encourage our residents to contact them for pricing.

If you have a question as to if your material qualifies for free pick or if you need to schedule to have your debris removed, simply contact Greensburg City Hall at (270) 932-4298.

The City of Greensburg is a great community to live, but like in all communities large or small, we have to keep in mind that how we maintain our property affects everyone around us and we have a responsibility to our neighbors and our fellow citizens to be good stewards of our community - not only for ourselves and our neighbors but for future generations of Greensburg and Green County.

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